[Wednesday, September 18, 2013]

I did another walk/run/walk workout today. Since I needed to make a deposit in our checking account, I turned it into my workout. Mapping it out, it looks like I walked for about .9 miles, ran for 1.1 miles, ran for 1.6 miles and finished up by walking .4 miles for a total workout of about 4 miles.

The weather was gorgeous: sunny, in the mid- to upper-70's. 

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Bike Adventure

[Sunday, September 15, 2013]

We have continued to have some amount of rain every day. I got out a couple of times with Zen earlier in the day and then did some programming work. So, later in the afternoon when we had what seemed to be a break from the rain I decided to get out for an easy bike ride just to get my legs under me again.

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3 Mile Kendrick Lake Loop

[Thursday, September 12, 2013]

We have had a lot of rain this week and this morning was no exception. So, I put on my Performance IllumiNITE shell and a baseball cap and headed out the door. Right away I unzipped the pit vents as I started the walk portion of the workout. I still ended up getting pretty warm during the workout and figured I would have been better off just accepting that I was going to get soaked in my t-shirt.

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Hello, again. It's been awhile hasn't it?

[Tuesday, September 10, 2013]

2013 has proved to continue to be a busy year. I guess that's just the way life is going to keep on being for me, though.

Eli is just over 20 months old and doing great. We are working on getting him to use two-word sentences. He has almost 90 words that he knows and is now always picking up new ones.

Lana's practice slowed down a bit over the summer months, but has otherwise been doing very well.

My web development business is doing well and I have been focusing on taking my expertise to the next level.

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What a year it has been!

[Friday, December 28, 2012]

I'm not even going to try to recap the entire past year. I'll just say that it has been an amazing ride.

It's hard to believe that my son will be one year old in just five days from now. He is not going to be a baby forever. While there were moments with him this past year that felt like they would never end, overall the time has gone by so quickly.

My web development business did quite well.

My wife's private practice did well.

Life is good.

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Anonymous users are no longer allowed to leave comments

[Wednesday, December 5, 2012] I'm sorry to say that I have to admit defeat in the war against the spammers. I have been unable to take any automated measures to keep the site free from spam, and it has become too time consuming to keep deleting the spam comments. read more ...

Where do I start?

[Saturday, September 22, 2012]

I have three blogs that I am failing to update with any frequency: this one, which is my personal blog; my web development blog; the blog on my son's website. It's not that I am lacking material for any of those blogs. On the contrary, I feel that there is so much material. What I am lacking in is time. Or at least I believe I am lacking in time. But, I suppose that's a topic for a different blog entry (some day when I have the time).

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Spammed into action

[Saturday, May 5, 2012]

I received a notification from the website today that someone had left a comment. As it turns out, it was spam. But, it got me to sign in to the site. And I noticed that my last post was two months ago.

Eli turned four month old three days ago. Since I've got a site specifically for him, I'm not going to post more than that short update.

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Time for a quick flashback

[Sunday, February 5, 2012]

This morning I realized how much things are already starting to turn into a blur and how fast the first month has gone by. So, I want to briefly capture what I can recall from my first weekend home. Eli was born on Monday, January 2, 2012 and we brought him home on Friday, January 6, 2012.

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My son is here

[Friday, February 3, 2012]

On January 2, 2012 at 9AM Mountain Lana and I went to St. Joseph's hospital to see if our doctor could perform an external version. To get straight to the point, what ended up happening was that we delivered our son via Cesarean section at 12:44:21PM Mountain time that day.

I don't feel too bad about not having posted here on account of the fact that I have been busy (as though that's a great surprise with a new child and returning to my web development work) and I've been creating posts and adding pictures and videos to my son's website.

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