2013 has proved to continue to be a busy year. I guess that's just the way life is going to keep on being for me, though.

Eli is just over 20 months old and doing great. We are working on getting him to use two-word sentences. He has almost 90 words that he knows and is now always picking up new ones.

Lana's practice slowed down a bit over the summer months, but has otherwise been doing very well.

My web development business is doing well and I have been focusing on taking my expertise to the next level.

That's it for the super-quick, high-level summary. And now on to the announcement that really sparks me to finally sit down and write another post.

I plan to do an IronMan triathlon for my 50th birthday. I have a friend who just completed the IronMan Wisconsin on Sunday (September 8). So, I started thinking about how I will need to prepare for my goal of completing in 12 hours or fewer. I realized that I need to start now. Here is the outline:

2014 Race Season: Olympic distance events

2015 Race Season: 1/2 IM distance events

2016 Race Season: 1/2 IM distance events with goal of completing each one in around 5 hours

2017 Race Season: Train for and complete IM Wisconsin

With that outline laid out I completed my first run workout this morning. I walked to Kendrick Lake and then did two loops (2 miles) around the lake and walked back home for a total of approximately 3 miles. Eli went along for the workout in his stroller.

I don't have a long-term training plan in place for the 2014 season, yet. What I have been doing in anticipation of this point in time returning has been aiming to walk three times each day for about two miles each time. Now I will need to set a new goal for how I will be structuring my workouts.

I labelled this post "good news" because I think that it's great that I am finally getting back into triathlon and its corresponding exercise regimen. So, I am saying "Hello, again" not only to this blog but to a part of me that has been dormant for the most part for 8 or 9 years now.

Welcome back, fitness Marc!

Bhavatu, sabba, mangalam -- May all beings be happy.