I'm not even going to try to recap the entire past year. I'll just say that it has been an amazing ride.

It's hard to believe that my son will be one year old in just five days from now. He is not going to be a baby forever. While there were moments with him this past year that felt like they would never end, overall the time has gone by so quickly.

My web development business did quite well.

My wife's private practice did well.

Life is good.

I had started this blog to make sure that I captured a time when I experienced challenges and emotions that I had never had before. Now, I've reached a point in my life that I feel so blessed every day. And with all the blessings in my life I feel that I've become even more aware of just how wonderful the simplest and most basic things mean to me.

I love having indoor plumbing and running water. Electricity is great. Forced air gas heat rocks. Appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine make life so much easier.

This year I not only got my first cell phone, I got a smart phone. It's an Android, naturally. I'm not afraid to admit how much I've enjoyed having it. It's been so wonderful to always have a camera and video camera at the ready.

Yes, I could be perfectly happy if my life continued just the way it was this past year.

Happy New Year, everybody!

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I am open and ready to receive.

Bhavatu, sabba, mangalam -- May all beings be happy.