Stationary Bike #1

[Wednesday, February 5, 2014]

I rode for 30 minutes on the Cybex bike using the heart rate workout at 138bpm. Unfortunately, at the end of the workout I must have pressed the stop button when I wanted to cycle the display to show the total mileage. I can say that my perceived level of effort was high.

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Multi #4

[Tuesday, February 4, 2014]

I got a good workout at the Masters swim today. We did a lot of fast / easy types of sets. I think the first set was 2 X 200m crawl, 100 fast / 100 easy. I did the fast at 1.20 seconds per stroke and the easy at 1.30 seconds per stroke. Another set was 4 X 50m kicking, 25m fast / 25m easy. I was actually able to differentiate the fast and easy 25's. The set that stands out the most for me was the one in which we wore fins. We swam 4 X 100m, 50m fast and 50m easy. I really went all out on the fast 50's and I was about ready to pass out by the time I reached the wall. read more ...

Another extra rest day, but planned this time

[Sunday, February 2, 2014]

Today is supposed to be a run workout. However, I have been taking the week off from running to let my Achilles heal. I had thought about doing a swim workout today. But, I decided that I will stick with the training program I am using; if I'm skipping the run workout, then that means there is no workout today.

My Achilles is still not 100% healed. I do hope that it will be 100% by Tuesday so that I can begin my run workouts again without having to worry about whether I should be taking off more time.

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Stationary Bike #1

[Saturday, February 1, 2014]

I rode the Cybex bike for 30 minutes using the heart program. I guess I have been forgetting to mention in my other posts what setting I used for the heart rate. I have been setting it to 138bpm.

I think that today my HR must have been higher because I never did get up to 18.6mph and I didn't feel like I was pushing as many watts. I rode 8.42 miles total.

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Tempo Trainer Swim

[Friday, January 31, 2014]

I don't know what conclusions to draw from today's workout. I can say that my strokes per length increased throughout the workout. If it weren't for the very last repeat, my fastest repeat would have been the first one. So, one comment I would make is that I still need to develop much more strength / endurance. Increasing my stroke rate does not have any positive impact on my speed. On the contrary, I showed a more-or-less steady decrease in my speed as I increased my stroke rate. read more ...

Stationary Bike #1

[Thursday, January 30, 2014]

I rode for 30 minutes on the Cybex bike using the heart rate program. I think that I again maxed out at 18.6 mph. I think that's 135 Watts. But, I'm not so certain about either of those figures because I thought I recalled seeing 140 Watts at some point.

This workout was hard for me today. My legs were still tired from yesterday. It was hard for me to maintain the 90rpm.

Strangely, I rode 8.6 miles today. I would have expected that I would have ridden fewer miles today than yesterday.

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Stationary Bike #1

[Wednesday, January 29, 2014]

I rode 30 minutes on the Cybex using the heart rate program.

Today I discovered that I can lock the display to show my RPM. I found it helpful to be able to monitor my RPM constantly, instead of waiting for the bike to cycle (no pun intended) back to that display. It was also somewhat helpful that I couldn't see the elapsed time, although I was definitely looking forward to hitting the "Cool down" part of the workout prior to its arrival.

Early in the workout for a short period of time, I maxed out at 18.6 mph. I don't know exactly how many watts that was.

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Extra Rest Day

[Tuesday, January 28, 2014]

Yesterday was a scheduled rest day. As it turns out, I think I was dealing with a 24 hour flu.

I had already planned to take off one week from the running workouts to let my Achilles tendon heal completely. I decided that I would also skip the swim workout today.

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Run #1

[Sunday, January 26, 2014]

I ran for thirty minutes around Kendrick Lake. I averaged around 9:30 miles.

My Achilles is still tight and sore. It loosened up pretty well during the run, but never to the point that it didn't bother me at all.

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Stationary Bike #1

[Saturday, January 25, 2014]

I rode on the Cybex bike using the heart rate workout for 30 minutes. I maxed out at 135 Watts and 18.3mph again, but only for a short part of the workout. I don't remember what my total mileage was for the workout, so I can't compute my average speed.

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