I got a good workout at the Masters swim today. We did a lot of fast / easy types of sets. I think the first set was 2 X 200m crawl, 100 fast / 100 easy. I did the fast at 1.20 seconds per stroke and the easy at 1.30 seconds per stroke. Another set was 4 X 50m kicking, 25m fast / 25m easy. I was actually able to differentiate the fast and easy 25's. The set that stands out the most for me was the one in which we wore fins. We swam 4 X 100m, 50m fast and 50m easy. I really went all out on the fast 50's and I was about ready to pass out by the time I reached the wall. I had planned that the easy 50's would be dolphin kicking. But, mostly I had to kick while on my back so that I could get my breath back.

I ran for 15 minutes after the swim, instead of the scheduled 30 minutes. I'm going to gradually work my way back to 100% of the scheduled run workout. I think for the next workout, I will do 60% of the workout.

My Achilles is still not totally healed, yet. It's a little tight still. But, I think it's healed enough that it's okay that I'm starting the run workouts again.