Today is supposed to be a run workout. However, I have been taking the week off from running to let my Achilles heal. I had thought about doing a swim workout today. But, I decided that I will stick with the training program I am using; if I'm skipping the run workout, then that means there is no workout today.

My Achilles is still not 100% healed. I do hope that it will be 100% by Tuesday so that I can begin my run workouts again without having to worry about whether I should be taking off more time.

I'm glad that I was able to continue the swim and bike workouts and I think it was definitely the right choice to take a break from the run workouts.

I'm struggling to find the words to state my main point in writing this post. Basically, I am anxious about not doing any workout today. I was anxious about having to make the decision to take a week off from running. I'm not grateful for missing the workouts. But, I do believe that this injury has given me the opportunity to put into practice my purported philosophy that this quest is part of an overall lifestyle change that is geared towards healthier choices. Participating again in triathlons is meant to be a focal point and motivator to stay disciplined about maintaining a regular exercise program. The participation in the triathlons is not the end goal and the finish times I post in the triathlons are not the true measure of the success of my exercising. The end goal is (once again) living a more active life. The true measure of success is feeling healthy and full of energy. So, I am glad that I was able to let go of ego enough to give my Achilles a rest. And I'm still hoping that I can get back at it. In other words, I have not fully let go. I'm still focusing on how the time off is going to affect my race outcome instead of recognizing that it makes absolutely no (negative) difference in the bigger picture. I guess I'm still on the journey to that spiritual destination as well.

Therefore, I once again will commit to allowing instead of forcing. I reaffirm my intention to experience the whole process and let the outcomes take care of themselves.

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I surrender and am open and ready to receive.

Bhavatu, sabba, mangalam -- May all beings be happy.