Correction: I had not yet read three chapters of “Fictitious Capital” by Cedric Durand when I wrote my last post. All of the things I mentioned were within the Introduction and first two chapters.

Update: Mr. Durand did not offer any apparent suggestion (that I was able to detect) by the end of the book about what he thinks we should do to correct the problem of financialization.

I had taken a brief pause before I finished “Fictitious Capital” by reading “Seriously . . . I’m Kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres. She wrote an amusing book that does share a limited amount of gentle life advice. The interesting thing is that when I returned to chapter three of “Fictitious Capital” I had to admit that it seemed like I was reading a total parody. I couldn’t believe how it seemed like I was being firehosed with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo technical sounding word play. I almost had to laugh out loud (on the plane!) while I was reading it. I was able to maintain my composure and finish the rest of the book during the flight.

I read a couple of other books during the course of my business trip:

  • “For the Time Being” by Annie Dillard
  • “Conscious” by Annaka Harris

Both of those books were interesting reads. Ms. Dillard’s book was a bit more disorienting and surreal. I would describe it as a contemplation on life. Ms. Harris’ book was definitely thought provoking (no pun intended).

My colleague lent me “Antifragile” by Nassim Taleb and I started reading it on my trip back home. I like Mr. Taleb’s concept and am interested to think about how I can make my life more robust (which is different from antifragile) as well as antifragile.

Encounter: (to steal from the structure of Ms. Dillard’s book) I met somebody in the locker room of the fitness center and we exchanged the usual type of pleasantries and greetings. He made the comment “just another day in paradise.” I really don’t understand why people like to use this kind of wry / sarcastic humor. Another similar expression that people will use is “living the dream.” In my humble / honest opinion, we really are living the dream and spending another day in paradise. Let me give just one example to illustrate: There are multiple grocery stores within a one mile radius of my house that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At any point that I feel hungry, and should I be lacking the food right in my house, I can simply head out to one of those stores and just grab some food right off the shelf. I find that possibility absolutely astounding! Naturally, I’ve got to pay for the food as well. Fortunately, it’s absolutely no problem for me to afford as much food as I could want. I can’t possibly not wake up grateful every morning to recognize just how truly blessed my life is. It’s a shame for those people who miss (what I consider) this simple fact.

Now: (stealing again from Ms. Dillard!) I just placed my first order on an option. I have chosen to sell a Put contract on Beyond Meat (BYND). It’s a LEAPS contract and I’ll have to wait until Tuesday (or Wednesday?) to see if my order gets fulfilled. So, I’ll hold off on going into any more detail until I see whether there is even anything more to discuss. Anyway, this is a significant action I’ve taken as a result of some of the reading I’ve been doing!

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I surrender and am open and ready to receive.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam - May all beings be happy