Well one thing I can mention that didn't exactly go according to plan was that I missed doing my Week 2 Review. However, I've got a great excuse.

My parents arrived in town on Thursday, January 12 for my son's 5th birthday party on January 14. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with them and we had a great visit. On Saturday evening I went to my parent's hotel room and talked with my dad about planning for retirement.

How about the rest of Week 2?

I made great progress on writing the first custom module for "Mastering Drupal 8 Development." I got a few rough draft videos done. I got hung up on unit testing.

I guess it was a mixed bag.

Let's move on to Week 3.

I spent a good amount of time in the beginning of the week getting things in place for my retirement plan. I'm very happy about the progress I made there.

I pushed through some of the blocks to progress in my course.

I gained some greater clarity about how to gain some momentum in completing the course and how to improve the course as a whole.

I think I'll call Week 3 a win on the whole.

What's up for Week 4?

I haven't set specific goals for each day, yet. But, I'm hopeful about being successful at producing lots more rough draft videos. Early this morning I wrote a revised course outline that captures my latest thoughts and strategy for organizing, improving and completing the course.

Lana and I have a date (of sorts) tomorrow. I hope to help her complete here bookkeeping for 2016 so that I can get to work on filing our taxes. I don't know if I'll do that during the week or next weekend, though.

I guess I forgot to give thanks with my last week in review. Let me not forgot that this week.

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I surrender and am open and ready to receive.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam - May all beings be happy