How the week went overall: It was relatively productive. I did a good job of setting and sticking to my goals. I was able to solve some challenges and learn a number of new things. I'm happy with the way the week went.

One thing that did not go according to plan: I had planned to have three new video lessons submitted for my "Mastering Drupal 8 Development" course, but submitted only one.

One thing that went well: I really enjoyed my Zumba class yesterday morning. I laughed a number of times during the class and I felt like I was really starting to dance more.

Plans for the coming week: I'm going to wrap up the amazing work I've been doing on the first custom module I'm writing for the "Mastering Drupal 8 Development" course. I want to write a cron job that uses the worker queue, write unit tests and simpletests, and maybe write a custom block. I will produce the rough draft proposals for the remaining videos related to the module.