I wrote some things down yesterday and today after going for a walk.

Yesterday's thoughts:


  • A key to succeeding (at anything) is to cultivate the ability to experience the journey.
  • To be filled in: How does this ability help to foster success? What are examples I can give of how things are different once a person cultivates this ability?
  • If you want to move forward you have to let go of the things that are holding you back.
  • Why don't people let go?
    • They don't know what's holding them back.
    • They don't know they are holding on.
    • They don't know what's back and what's forward.
    • The fear of letting go exceeds the pain of holding on.
  • I am willing to experience:
    • failure
    • rejection
    • ridicule
    • fear
    • uncertainty
  • I am willing to let go of:
    • shame
    • self-limiting thoughts
    • others' expectations


Today's thoughts (meant to stand on their own and not be connected to yesterday's, although there may be value in connecting them):


  • What if the complete opposite is true?
  • What would it take for the complete opposite to be true?
  • What would it mean if the complete opposite is true?
  • What if someone who claims to love another really hates?
  • What if someone who claims to hate another really loves?
  • Either can lead to the person doing horrible things that s/he would not do if s/he would just admit the truth.
    • The "lover" manipulating, sabotaging or abusing
    • The "hater" overcompensating and being needlessly cruel
  • What if the child who exclaims, "I hate you and want nothing to do with you!" is just protecting her/himself from the pain of not receiving the affection s/he so desperately craves?
  • What if the "successful" CEO really wishes s/he were self-employed (even) at a fraction of the income?
  • What if the spiritual, anti-material individual really wishes s/he had more money and "stuff"?
  • What if the wealthy socialite really hates the golfing, tennis, parties, socializing and all the other material stuff and really wishes s/he had a simple life with a few close friends / family?


As I seek to raise consciousness, if I can't think of any other question to ask, I can always ask "What if the opposite is the truth?" The key is for me to always be asking questions, as opposed to seeking to provide answers. I'd rather cultivate a reputation for being good at asking questions than for being good at giving answers.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam - May all beings be happy