I ran for 15 minutes in Zone 2 followed by a swim workout of 950 yards.

I really liked doing the pyramid swim workout. I maintained my stroke count right around 19 or 20 strokes per length. Early on in the workout and in each repetition I could make it in 18 strokes.

I charted the graph to show the calculated seconds / 50 yards so that it would be easier to see how I did throughout the workout. It's interesting that it settled in at about 60 seconds per 50 yards regardless of the length of the repeat or the seconds per stroke. I did the 100 warmup and cooldown at 1.36 seconds per stroke and all the remaining repeats at 1.34 seconds per stroke.

Line chart of swim data

It's telling that even at the shortest repeat, right at the beginning, which was my fastest time I was still not able to hit my 53 seconds per 50. So, I've obviously got my work cut out for me there.

I think that the first 100 repeat is overstated. I didn't punch out successfully the first try. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the time were really 58 point something or 59 seconds, which would put it right on the line from the first repeat to the fifth repeat.

This workout took only about 24 minutes, so I could have kept doing more repeats for another six minutes. Maybe next week I will extend the workout if I see that I am finishing before 30 minutes.

I can say that I definitely did feel that I wasn't doing a good job catching the water. I could tell that I was letting a lot of water slip. I'll just keep paying attention to that feeling and let my body figure out what needs to change. If it doesn't work itself out in a reasonable amount of time, I'll go in for another swim lesson with Danny to have him give me some pointers.