Both of the Expresso bikes were in use, so I used the Cybex upright again. Yesterday, I just used the Quick Start option. Today I decided to look at the HR workout. I really liked the way it worked. From what I gather it adjusts the resistance so that you maintain your target heart rate. So, while I maintained my rpm around 90 it continued to change the resistance during the workout reaching a max Watts of 130 and speed of 18.3 mph. I rode for 15 minutes.

I think that I will definitely use this program again.

Since there was a good amount of snow on the ground, I walked instead of riding my bike. And, since I had walked, I figured that I hadn't really elevated my heart rate. So, after I changed into my workout clothes I decided to use the blood pressure testing machine. My results were 98 over 54 with a pulse of 58. I must admit that I'm quite pleased with this. I'd love to see if I can get my resting pulse closer to 50 than to 60.