We did a lot of kicking during the masters swim today. I don't know if I'm imagining things, but I think I've actually developed something of a kick. We also did a 300, 200, 100 pull set.

I ran 30 minutes in zone 2 after the swim. When I started I was tight and sore in parts of my right leg. But, I was able to do a pretty good job of relaxing during the run and I was able to almost entirely eliminate the tightness and soreness. I'm still putting my main focus on the arm swing and keeping shoulders relaxed, but I've also been able to add a bit of attention to how I'm lifting my heels and my head position. I'm not using much of a lean at all right now, so I can't say if I'm leaning from my ankles. I'm also not certain whether I'm maintaining the correct posture. Gradual progess is all I'm working on right now, though.