I ran 30 minutes in Zone 2. The workout called for Z1 - Z2 and I had intended to be in Z1. But, even at a 9:45 min / mile pace I was solidly in Zone 2. So, I guess this is the point from which I am starting.

I did three loops around Kendrick Lake.

I was dressed more appropriately for the weather than when I did my last outdoor workout. It was fairly chilly. I dressed in tights, t-shirt, long-sleeve thermal undershirt and a shell. I wore gloves and a hat. I probably could have left my hat at home.

I maintained my major focus on the arm swing and keeping my shoulders relaxed. Since my achilles tendon was feeling sore on the third loop I also started thinking about peeling my heel off the ground and loosening my ankle instead of lifting up my whole foot with a stiff ankle. It's going to take me a bit of practice to learn the proper form for keeping my wheel spinning behind me without using the "stiff ankle" motion.