I swam 10 X 100 @ 1.30; 1.29; 1.28; 1.28; 1.29; 1.30; 1.29; 1.28; 1.29; 1.30 seconds per stroke.

My fastest time was the first repeat and it was nine seconds faster than my last repeat, which was my slowest repeat.

The best-fit line would have a relatively steep positive slope. However, if I drew a curve then it looks like it would level off at about 118 seconds per 100 yards.

Decreasing the seconds per stroke absolutely did not give me any additional speed. It did seem to create a definite shortening in my stroke length, though. So, while I had hoped to do 10 X 100 @ 1.30; 1.29; ... ; 1.21, it was clear from very early that I needed to change that plan.

I am a long ways off from being able to swim 1:46 per 100 yards. I think a good initial goal is to be able to swim 10 X 100 @ 1:54 / 100. (A longer term goal will be to swim 10 X 100 @ 1:46 / 100 and 14 seconds rest in between each repetition.)

I don't know what stroke rate that will equate to. But, figuring 72 strokes / 100 would give me 1.58 seconds per stroke. 80 strokes / 100 would give me 1.43 seconds per stroke. Both of those rates are much too slow. On the other hand, calculating 1.30 seconds per stroke gives me a range of 1:34 - 1:44 at 72 and 80 strokes / 100 respectively. My best time today was 1:48.8 @ 1.30 seconds per stroke and about 74 strokes (which would evaluate to 136.2). So, my counting of strokes is not tying out exactly. That's not surprising considering the fact that I glide for a bit when I push off the wall. If I calculate what the stroke count "should" be for my best time it would come out to about 84, which is 21 strokes / 25.

The net outcome of all this tinkering with calculations is that I'm just going to have to actually swim and see how things work out. My bigger interest / concern is how things work out in the open water; there is no push off the wall there and I would think that my times would have to more accurately reflect the math of my seconds per stroke and my actual stroke length. I guess the best I can do is to get a clear sense of where my sweet spot lies with regards to stroke rate versus stroke length (or actual speed). But, I still can't resist doing a bit of predicting open water equivalents.

Using 84 strokes / 100 yards in the open water means I would need to maintain a stroke rate of 1.19 seconds per stroke to maintain 100 seconds / 100 yards. It's pretty interesting that the stroke rate came out to that amount, since Danny had figured I should be practicing at 1.18 seconds per stroke.

I think it's definitely worthwhile for me to do a few workouts of 10 X 100 @ 1.35 seconds per stroke; tomorrow I'm going to do the Masters workout, though. (Assuming 84 strokes / 100 in the open water would give me a time of about 113 seconds / 100 at this stroke rate. My goal for the 2014 season is actually in between 116 and 117 seconds / 100.)

This was a challenging workout. Fortunately, it was challenging for my body and not my breath. The new breathing pattern is working well. I think now I need to allow time for my body to get strong enough to maintain the effort throughout the whole workout and ultimately for longer distances.