First I have to say that I was not looking forward to getting out of bed and going to my swim practice today, even though I had yesterday off. I think it's really good that I'll be starting my full triathlon training program next week. I think I've had enough of swimming every day.

I think that I will go to the Masters swimming on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday I have the Chi Running workshop. So, I'll be looking at doing a practice on my own on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Monday starts the 30-week program and I think that I will take it off as a rest day as the program specifies. I am planning to continue to swim all the other days, though. On days that I have the bike and/or the run workouts I think I will do just a 15 minute swim practice. I'll see how it goes and decide if it makes sense to continue with it or if I should back down to just two days a week of swimming.

Today I swam 21 X 50 yards @ 1.38 seconds per stroke.

I had one of my most (if not THE most) consistent practices. I had 11 repeats at 58 point something, a couple at 57 point something (one of which was my last and fastest repeat), and the rest at 59 point something with two right on 59 and three at 59.1. Eleven of my rest intervals were below 20 seconds, one was 20.8 and only one was as long as 27.4 with the rest falling basically in the 21 - 24 second range. My strokes out and back were right in between 18 and 19 the whole time.

I'm still better at keeping my right "weightless" arm in position as I recover, even when I'm breathing, than I am at keeping my left arm in position.

I'm still feeling like I'm holding my breath and looking forward to the next breath. It may be the flip turn that throws things off, as it seems like it's more noticeable on the length back than on the length out. But, I suppose it's also possible that the length back is when I start to fatigue.

My average time over 20 repeats (omitting the 17th repeat in which I had a faulty punch out of the lap) was about 58.6.

So, even though I was not looking forward to doing the practice I think that I ended up having a really solid practice.