I swam 23 X 50 yards @ 1.38 seconds per stroke.

Once again my best time was the first repeat.

Even removing the first two repeats from consideration, the best-fit line for my times shows a positive slope. But, I think that 1.38 seconds per stroke is a good rate for me to practice at right now.

I did much better at maintaining a softer feel and relaxed stroke. I also started to become much more aware of what my weightless arm was doing as I took a breath.

I am very happy with the rest intervals I took. I did not take any extended ones. I can see that 15 seconds rest in between repeats is not too far in the future.

The difference between my first repeat and my last repeat was 2.8 seconds. I came much closer to holding the same pace throughout the workout.

I'm going to continue my practice at 1.38 seconds per stroke. I think I've found the proper starting point for the next phase of this journey.