I swam in a 25 meter pool today. I did 21 X 50 meters @ 1.35 seconds per stroke. I took about 18 - 20 strokes on the way out and 19 - 21 strokes on the way back. My best repeat was the first one at 59.2 seconds.

Even with the blips of not always getting the lap time to record on the first try, the trend line was clearly showing a positive slope. I was not able to hold the pace through the workout.

For my next workout I will swim at 1.40 seconds per stroke. I would also like to start moving towards about 15 seconds rest in between, which is significantly less than I have been taking.

My best time would equate to about 54.3 seconds per 50 yards. Figuring that my best total stroke count was 38 would give me a count of about 34 or 35 strokes per 50 yards. I would say that I was definitely within 40 strokes the whole time, which would give a count of about 37 strokes per 50 yards. So, my stroke count is very close to my initial goal. But, even at the fastest time I'm still not hitting my initial goal pace. At this point in time, that pace is clearly too fast for me. I think that I'm seeing I am around 56 seconds per 50 yards at this point. I will see what my pace is at my next workout and see if I hold steady through the workout.

I'm really glad that I did this practice in the way I did it. I was able to filter out the noise and get a clearer sense of where I am at.