The first time I went to the fitness center today it wasn't open, yet. I arrived sometime after 6AM and the center doesn't open on Saturdays until 7AM. So, I rode back home and came up with a new plan.

I decided that I would head back later in the morning with Eli after breakfast. Since childcare is available from 7:30AM - 12:00PM, I needed to get back before Eli's nap. So, after eating breakfast and watching Elmo's World, I took Eli in the stroller and ended up getting back to the center around 10:45AM.

There is nothing special to report about the workout. I maintained the same weights I have been using. I did have to wait at a couple of stations for people to finish and the workout took about the same amount of time (~40 minutes) as it did on Wednesday.

I'd still like to be able to get to story time with Eli, so I'm going to see if I can get us out the door earlier next time. I would still like to use the stoller instead of the car. And I'll need time to eat after the workout. So, it will depend on how much Eli wants to walk on the way there and the way back whether we are actually able to make it to story time. In any case I think that I prefer to take of the workout earlier rather than later.

I'm also thinking that it would be nice to get a trailer for the bike so that I can transport Eli with my bike rather than the stroller.