Something occurred to me that I wanted to make a note to myself about. I believe that my brain is still as responsive and creative as it was when I was younger. Maybe it's even more creative. What's different is that it isn't as quick or focused as it used to be. Consequently, I am much more disorganized than I used to be. At least it's my perception that I used to be so much sharper. But, I'm going to stop this paragraph (and that train of thought) right here before I veer off into a completely different idea.

[Had I not chosen to stop the preceding paragraph I could have provided a wonderful case in point of my disorganization. I also obviously could have edited the post to remove the last two sentences and to omit this "aside" paragraph. But, I deemed it worthy to provide a real case-in-point so that I could truly recapture the main point of this "note to self" when I read it again some point down the road.]

I start off expressing one thought and can easily and quickly change gears and move on to another thought, and continue that way (practically) indefinitely. This disorganization is especially apparent when I answer questions people ask me. While I (may) have a lot of insight to offer, it tends to take me a long time to get to the heart of my answer as I sift my way through all the different responses that well up in my mind; I'm not as good at expressing myself off the top of my head. The disorganization also manifests itself in my not getting as much done on account of the fact that I spend so much time wading through my stream of consciousness.

So, here is my "Note to self." Before you begin to talk to someone about an open ended topic, be aware of your need to process a lot of ideas and either take the time to gather your thoughts (maybe even writing them down) or warn the person up front that you will be doing some thinking out loud. Whichever approach you choose, always remember to pause, take a breath and become conscious before proceeding further. [Oh no! There's another thought that I could take in a completely different direction. STOP]

Whether it's my perception of my brain that has changed or my brain that has actually changed, there is still something different about my brain now than when I was younger. And, there's definitely something that is better about my brain now. Isn't that wonderful? I'm not the same person now as I was before and my brain isn't the same either. Life is awesome.

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I am open and ready to receive.

Bhavatu, sabba, mangalam - May all beings be happy.