This morning as I was placing an envelope from a card we received in the mail in the recycling bin, I noticed that the two stamps on it had not been post marked. So, I started to retrieve a pair of scissors so that I could cut the stamps from the envelope and set them aside for later when I could soak them off and save them for reuse. Then, it suddenly dawned on me that this would be unfair for me to do.

Until this morning I had considered this reuse of the stamps resourceful and frugal. However, this morning I finally realized that the stamps had served their purpose. They were payment for the United States Post Office to deliver the card; the USPS had accepted payment and delivered the card. Just because the stamps hadn’t been canceled doesn’t mean that I get to use them again. This is akin to not speaking up when a cashier gives you too much change back from a purchase. Throwing the stamps in the recycling bin is like returning the extra change; it isn’t “wasting” stamps or money.

I’m glad that I finally figured this out. Maybe meditating is helping me to become more aware in my daily activities.

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I am open and ready to receive.

Happy New Year!