Lana and I have lived in Colorado just a few days more than four years; we arrived here on August 3, 2006. In June of 2006 we made the decision that we wanted to make the move. At the time we originally decided to move we did not have jobs in the state. But, we were confident that we would find a way to make ends meet. Both of us were teachers, although I had just been non-renewed at my first teaching position. So, we reasoned that if we could not get full-time teaching offers, we could substitute teach. As things turned out, both of received and accepted teaching offers on our job-hunting trip here that July.

Now it's August 2010. I was not offered the full-time web developer position for which I had just interviewed; they want somebody with more experience. I need to keep moving forward on my own, teaching myself as I go. The handy man business could keep generating jobs here and there. But, I am finding that it cuts too much into my ability to make more progress in building my web development skills and web development business while at the same time being too unpredictable. Alas, I am being given the opportunity to make good on my commitment from four years ago.

My teaching license has expired. So, I will need to apply for a five year substitute teaching license. I will automatically qualify for that on account of having possessed a teaching license in the state. Applying for the license will cost $60. But, I can make that up with just one day of substitute teaching. Based on Lana's experience last year, it seems that I could pick up a sub job every day of the school year. Subbing will provide many benefits: I can accept or reject jobs on a day-by-day basis, there is no preparation or follow-up necessary, and the hours are predictable and leave plenty of time to do things outside of the job.

I said I would substitute teach and I meant it. School is beginning in Jefferson County in a few weeks. Tomorrow I will take care of submitting my application for the five year license so that I can be invited to the substitute teacher orientation.