My birthday was yesterday and I worked all day long. I'm trying to finish up a project and I've got other projects waiting. I also have had enough days off this year. So, I decided to look at the fact that I had a job as a present. When I got home and checked my messages I discovered that I had one from a company that would like to talk to me more about a position for which I had applied. Yay! I haven't received any more news from the other company that had indicated interest in bringing me on to a project.

On Sunday I had a meeting with the Self Actualization Sundays meetup group that Lana and I coordinate. The goal that I picked for this week was to complete all my open handy man projects so that I could be ready for when the web development work starting rolling in. Today one of my clients told me that they want to bring in somebody else to do the project; there's one project down! I should be able to finish up the project I was working on Monday tomorrow morning. I completed the first step of another project tonight. I did the research for my remaining open project this morning. Hey, Universe, I'm following through on my goal for this week. Feel free to start sending the web development projects my way; there are two prospects that you can give a little nudge for me. Steady web development work would make a wonderful belated birthday present.

I have a phone interview for the full-time web development position tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you, Universe, for the abundance you provide me. I surrender and am open and ready to receive.