Masters Swim

I was getting crushed like a little bug at points during the workout this morning. This has got to be good for me. It will surely push me to the next level.

Onwards and upwards!

Masters Swim

I had planned to sleep until 5:30 this morning and just skip the swim workout. But, I was up at 3:30. I took care of some business and decided that I might as well head out to the workout.

I don't think I've ever had one time yet that I wasn't glad that I got up to do the swim workout. Jeff wasn't there today and Jim was prepared to run things. He put together a really interesting workout, including doing things like "pins" and vertical kicking.

Zone 1 - Zone 2 Run

I've been experiencing sever insomnia and had to skip my workout yesterday. I did sleep a bit better last night. I decided that I could use to get out for a run today and ran for about 50 minutes.

Even though I know that I need to get stronger on the bike, I think that running provides me with some additional benefits beyond physical fitness. I used to love to get out for runs just for the sake of the relaxation. Let me see how I sleep tonight :)

Tired, Busy and Grateful

I'm continuing to experience insomnia. So, I've been up since very early this morning. And, I've been extremely productive today. I spent the major part of my day defining and starting to build my personal branding website. I've decided that I need to take a different approach than I've been taking to build up passive income on the Internet. Instead of solely teaching people how to do Drupal I am going to branch out into producing an entire STEM curriculum. I will also be pursuing affiliate marketing opportunities.

Stationary Bike

I had just a short time to do a bike workout today and headed to the fitness center in the afternoon. I did my first 10-20-30 type of workout. For minutes, I did 30 seconds at less than 100 watts, 20 seconds at around 150 watts and 10 seconds at an unknown wattage. The gears for the respective intervals were 5, 10 and 20. When I was in gear 20 the speed read in the range of 25 mph.

I think that 15 minutes was a good start for this workout. I think 30 minutes would have been too much.

Masters Swim

I completed 2100 of the scheduled 2400 workout today.

I was up again at around 1:30AM and just decided to get out of bed around 2:45 AM. It's getting pretty ridiculous how much this is happening. I was feeling tired when it was time to leave, but knew that I wanted to get something done to start my day; I hadn't been very productive to that point.

I feel so good having completed the swim workout and it definitely did give a kick start to my day.

Road Ride Zone 2

I gave Eli a chariot ride to school and picked him up as well. It's nice to be able to get in a workout this way. I'm going to need to fix up the chariot though. It's falling apart.