Tempo Trainer Swim

I didn't actually use my Tempo Trainer for the workout. But, it was still meant to be something of a tempo training workout. I swam 6 X 500. It took me about an hour and each repeat was right around 10 minutes.

This is the longest I have ever swum in one session. I'm moderately tired, but feeling great overall. I'm glad that I did this set today. I think it's worth doing again sometime before the race in August.

Multi #6 (Brick)

I rode for about one hour, since I want to get more bike time in. Then I ran for about 15, aiming for a 12:00 pace. I checked my pace at each 1/4 mile as I ran around Kendrick and was at a pace of 12:00 or under each time.

Multi #4

I moved up to the next lane today. I had to skip just 200 meters of the workout. There was a set of 5 X 100 and I would probably have been about 50m behind if I swam the last repeat. The other 100 was when we were doing a 4 X 100 IM order, with a kick 25 / swim 25 pattern. Again I would have been too far behind if I finished up the last 100.

I did a shortened run, with just one loop around Kendrick to see what pace I was maintaining. I think I did about an 11:15. I took Zen out for a walk later in the day.

Road Ride Zone 2

I had planned to get to the fitness center and do a one hour workout on the stationary bike. Instead, I decided to ride my bike instead of using the car for transportation to Drupalcamp Colorado. I think it was about 45 minutes each way.

I had the handicap of my heavy bike and my heavy computer.

Road Ride Zone 2

I got out for my first ride with the new bike fit and pedals. I rode for about 1:00.

My right arch was starting to feel a bit sore by the time I was getting back. I hope that does not continue. It didn't bother me once I got off the bike and walked around.

Multi #6 (Brick)

I completed the scheduled Bike 0:30 Z2 (QC) Run 0:15 Z2. As usual, I am not wearing a HR monitor and just maintained an easy effort. I'm not really trying to get into Z2.

On the run I tested running at a super easy pace. My right hamstring was a little tight and sore, so I can't say that I was totally relaxed and felt that the workout was really easy. I ran about an 11 minute pace around Kendrick. I wonder if it's possible for be to back off a bit more and bring it to a 12 minute pace.

Multi #4

We did speed work at the Masters Swim today.

I tested out walking at a cadence of 90. I was not very happy with the test. The first loop around Kendrick was approximately a 13 minute pace. But, I couldn't even sustain that for the second loop. In order to maintain the cadence I have to shrink my steps to a point that I ended up taking more than 15 minutes on the next loop.

Later in the afternoon I took Zen out for a walk and did another test around the lake. I just walked as fast as I could at whatever cadence resulted. I maintained about a 15 minute pace.