Road Ride Zone 2

The bad news is that I blew a tube and my pump is broken. Fortunately, I got a fill from somebody with a CO2 cartridge. But, I wasn't able to complete my plan of doing two loops on the first section of the IM course.

The good news is that the workout was a total breeze for me. I rode for about 3 hours and averaged 15.2 mph for a total of about 46 miles.

Masters Swim

I needed to get more sleep this morning and didn't head out to the Master swim. Instead, this afternoon I went to the pool and swam 7 X 500m. I had hoped to do 8 X 500m, but got to the pool too late to have enough time.

I must say that I was a bit wobbly when I got out of the pool. I would have gladly done the 8th rep if I had time, though.

I enjoyed doing this workout and am glad to be reaching this volume of a workout.

Multi #6 (Brick)

I rode for about 1:00 and then ran for about 0:15.

I was wondering whether it makes sense for me to be practicing a brick since I'm not sure that I'm going to run right off the bike. But, I am supposed to get a run workout in on Wednesdays and I might just decide to run or run / walk the first mile. So, I think it does make sense for me to keep doing the brick.

Multi #4

I was able to do the whole workout in Lane 2 today.

Then I ran for 1:00 with the 4 run / 1 walk pattern and I felt really good.

Road Ride Zone 2

I drove up to Boulder and parked in a shopping center lot at Folsom and Arapahoe. I headed up Folsom and rode one loop of the first section of the IM course and the second section of the course. The second section was much harder than I thought it was going to be based on looking at the elevation profile.

I rode approximately 4:54 and covered just over 70 miles averaging 14.4 mph. I'm happy that I averaged over 14!

Masters Swim

I did a 2200m Masters swim workout and then I swam 2 X 500m.

At least I am comfortable that my swim is going to be in good shape for the IronMan!

Multi #4

I didn't get out the door fast enough to make it to the Masters workout on time. So, I went to Green Mountain and did my own workout. I put together a 2200m workout. Then I ran for about one hour doing run 4 / walk 1.