I am an IronMan!

Somewhere around 10:22 pm last night I successfully completed my quest to become an IronMan. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment crossing the finish line. Here's a really brief race report.

I was much faster out of the water than I expected to be.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow will mark not only my 48th birthday, but the culmination of two years' worth of effort. I'll be participating in my first full IronMan triathlon! Not too many weeks ago I thought it was highly improbable that I was going to be able to finish the race. As of today, I'm reasonably confident that I can finish it in about 15.5 hours.

Multi #6 (Brick)

I rode for about 0:30 and ran for about 0:10.

I'm feeling a little bit tired. I hope that I can get some good nights' sleep between now and the race.

Multi #4

I swam in lane 1 for about 0:30. The I ran for about 0:30. I timed my second loop around Kendrick at about 10:50 for a nice easy pace.

30 Minute Swim Workout

I did a really easy 0:30 swim. I think I did about 1300 yd.

I had tweaked my back the other day and I also did not get enough sleep last night. So, I figured I nice easy workout was in order. I really enjoyed it. I think it was 100 warmup, 200 kick with fins 100 dolphin/ 100 flutter, 400 IM with fins, 400 pull, 200 cool down.

Multi #4

I had to lay out for a bit of the workout today. The set was 4 X 200 on 4:00. That would basically be a straight 800 as fast as I could manage it. I did 200 / 100 / 200 / 100.

I ran for 1:00 following the run 4 / walk 1 pattern. I was maybe a tiny bit slower than last week, which is okay by me. It's like a natural taper.