2017 Week 4 Review

How the week went overall: I have to say that I was far less productive than I had planned to be. I thought I had the pieces in place to get a lot done during the week.

One thing that did not go according to plan: I certainly hadn't planned to let all of Monday go by without getting anything done. I had to rescue it a bit in the last 30 minutes of the day.

One thing that went well: I had a great lunch date with a friend. We discussed job hunting and technology. I'm looking forward to continuing the discussion with him.


Well, so much for that

It's just before 5pm now. I've managed to let the whole day get by me without making one bit of progress on my class.

There, I said it.

It's not that I sat on Facebook or other social media fooling around all day. I could point to some things I have done, some more "legitimate" than others. Nonetheless, I do need to take responsibility for the fact that I accomplished not one thing for the class.

Well, I do have about 30 minutes before I need to leave to pick up Eli. How's about I get just a wee bit of work done now? Fair enough?


2017 Week 3 Review

Well one thing I can mention that didn't exactly go according to plan was that I missed doing my Week 2 Review. However, I've got a great excuse.

My parents arrived in town on Thursday, January 12 for my son's 5th birthday party on January 14. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with them and we had a great visit. On Saturday evening I went to my parent's hotel room and talked with my dad about planning for retirement.

How about the rest of Week 2?


2017 Week 1 Review

How the week went overall: It was relatively productive. I did a good job of setting and sticking to my goals. I was able to solve some challenges and learn a number of new things. I'm happy with the way the week went.

One thing that did not go according to plan: I had planned to have three new video lessons submitted for my "Mastering Drupal 8 Development" course, but submitted only one.

One thing that went well: I really enjoyed my Zumba class yesterday morning. I laughed a number of times during the class and I felt like I was really starting to dance more.


I am open

It's New Year's Eve, Saturday, December 31, 2016. I'm not the type of person to engage in a look back and make resolutions based on some particular day on the calendar. Or at least, I don't like to think of myself as that type of person. And yet, here I am writing this four hours before 2016 ends (at least in my time zone). So here we are. Before we go any further I want to put you on notice that I am going to be sharing specifics. Things may get ugly, raw and hard to read. Feel free to stop right here and return to whatever you were doing before you came across this post.


Here we are, again

I've been filling out applications to become a full-time employee of different web development companies. I did get one response that said they couldn't even come close to my expected salary range. Apart from that, it's been a deafening silence. (I guess I never did write about interviewing with a company that did extend an offer for $95,000. However, we had discussed that I was looking for $115K - $125K. On all my applications since then, I've been specifying that I was seeking $120K - $130K.)


I was wrong

It's so important for me to record this right now. It's the reason I started this blog in the first place.

I feel like I've had my whole world turned upside down. I feel like I'm a fool who has been living in an alternate reality, a fantasy world. I feel like I've been totally delusional.


It's time

I'm ready to unleash my power. I'm ready to take advantage of the opportunities that come my way. I'm ready to live up to my potential. I'm ready to make the fiftieth year of my life a breakout year.

I've had my more-focused times and less-focused times over these last six years or so. On the whole I have to admit that I've been fairly undisciplined and scattered. While it's been fun to have the flexibility and to explore different things, it has also carried a certain cost both financially and emotionally.


Oops, I did it again

Overall, I had a great time at Udemy Live. I'm definitely looking forward to attending again next year. It's not important for me to record all the details of the weekend. The highlight was getting the chance to meet fellow instructors and Udemy staff in person. The two other things that I will note are that I did end up really enjoying Oz, The Mentalist, and Seth Godin's keynote, even though I had scoffed at both of those things when they were announced.


My life is blessed

Eli wanted to head out to the reservoir this morning to see if the crane was out there. We didn't see it at the end near our house, but Eli said he wanted to walk all the way around. We did see it at the far end. It was a real joy getting to do that early(ish) morning activity with my son. We got to hear so many different bird calls and Zen also loved being out for a walk in the field.

As we got back to my house and walked up the boardwalk in the back yard, I looked at Eli's jungle gym and my garden (as overgrown with weeds as it is) and felt such a feeling of happiness.