Zone 1 - Zone 2 Run

I've been experiencing sever insomnia and had to skip my workout yesterday. I did sleep a bit better last night. I decided that I could use to get out for a run today and ran for about 50 minutes.

Even though I know that I need to get stronger on the bike, I think that running provides me with some additional benefits beyond physical fitness. I used to love to get out for runs just for the sake of the relaxation. Let me see how I sleep tonight :)

Happy New Year

Yesterday was Yom Kippur. I went to services in the morning. Lana had decided to go for a hike and Eli was in school. So, I was able to take a spot in the back corner of the sanctuary and cover myself with my tallit. It got pretty uncomfortable standing for three hours. But, that was just part of I got to experience.

I fasted through the time that our guests arrived for the break the fast. The scene was quite chaotic and noisy with all the children running around and playing. It was wonderful.

Road Ride Zone 2

I rode for about 1:40 on the Morrison / C470 / Dinosaur Ridge / Rooney / Jewell route. It is dark for too long right now for me to be able to do it in the morning. So, I had to do it this afternoon and it was a bit warm.

I've tagged this post with ritual because I feel like my exercise routine has become a ritual for me. It's no longer just about preparing for any particular event. It's about a part of my life routine.

Gmar chatimah tova

It is almost the end of Yom Kippur. My fast has been reasonably easy.

This morning I attended services and continued my practice from last year: I created my own sacred space by covering myself with my tallit and engaged in my own form of prayer. One different twist this year was that a friend of mine got married today. So, I left my services this morning early and headed out to his ceremony. He was married in a traditional Catholic ceremony.

I call it meditation

Weed or flower?

Some time ago I read a book called "The 5 Rules of Thought" by Mary T. Browne. One point of the book is that whatever you put your focus and energy into is what you are going to create in your life. Ms. Browne recommends that people spend time each day to visualize the outcomes they want in their lives. So, after I read the book, I decided to start meditating.