Busy, busy, busy

I've got a bit of catching up to do and I'm going to make it brief.

I did a couple of run workouts in Berkeley while I was attending BADCamp. My presentation on Sunday was well received and I'm very happy with the job I did.

I had to go in for a jury summons on the 26th. I never got called in to the courtroom and was dismissed well before noon. I did a few workouts that week, including the 30/20/10 stationary bike.

Road Ride Zone 2

I was pretty undproductive this morning and really let the day get away from me. I just got back from a 30 minute bike ride. I guess I needed a break today.

The weather was lovely and I really did enjoy the ride, as short as it was.

Road Ride Zone 2

As things went today, I ended up just riding to pick up Eli from school. I put my time and focus on other things today, and I suppose that's probably okay. My workouts took priority for a long time and it's not bad for me to get a little rest.

Road Ride Zone 2

I rode for just over 2 hours today. I rode Morrison through Bear Creek Lake Park to the C470 trail until Ken Caryl. I had planned to do a loop in the Deer Creek Canyon area, but decided I didn't need to do a 4+ hour ride today.

On Living an Exceptional Life

I haven't posted anything really personal for quite some time. So, here's a really short piece.

The TL;DR - As I was doing my run workout today I had the thought "I'd rather fail at living an exceptional life than succeed at living a mediocre life."

Here's a tiny bit more detail about why I was having that thought. I'm pursuing a lot of big dreams right now.

Celebrate your accomplishments

When I was doing my run workout today I was feeling frustrated and disappointed. Then I took a bit of time to think about that a more. It doesn't make sense for me to be frustrated; I'm doing the best I can. I can't push myself any harder. It also doesn't make sense for me to be disappointed; I've been extremely disciplined about sticking to my workout program. I've completed almost all of my workouts. Maybe I missed one swim workout? And I had to take a couple days off one week to fully recover from stressing my muscles.

Ooops! I messed one up but nailed another.

I neglected to take note that the pool was closing at 2pm today on account of a swim meet. So, I missed my chance to do my workout. While I don't like missing the workout, I don't think it's too problematic since it was just a swim workout and I don't actually start the 30 week program until January. I'm glad that I didn't miss a long bike or a long run.

Anyway, today I needed to migrate a client to a new server. I got right to work at 8 in the morning and worked on it until right around 2 pm. The migration basically went off without a hitch.

Life happens

Well, today really got away from me without my having a chance to get in my swim workout. At least I'm still well within the outseason and I've done such a good job of filling up my bank account.

Tonight is Kol Nidre and I've got to start getting myself ready to head out to temple.

I do plan to do my bike workout tomorrow afternoon. The run workout is on for Sunday as well. So, last week I missed my long bike and run and this week I'll miss my "long" swim. Such is life sometimes.

Happy New Year!