IM Quest

Multi #6 (Brick)

I rode for about 0:30 and ran for about 0:10.

I'm feeling a little bit tired. I hope that I can get some good nights' sleep between now and the race.

Multi #4

I swam in lane 1 for about 0:30. The I ran for about 0:30. I timed my second loop around Kendrick at about 10:50 for a nice easy pace.

30 Minute Swim Workout

I did a really easy 0:30 swim. I think I did about 1300 yd.

I had tweaked my back the other day and I also did not get enough sleep last night. So, I figured I nice easy workout was in order. I really enjoyed it. I think it was 100 warmup, 200 kick with fins 100 dolphin/ 100 flutter, 400 IM with fins, 400 pull, 200 cool down.

Multi #4

I had to lay out for a bit of the workout today. The set was 4 X 200 on 4:00. That would basically be a straight 800 as fast as I could manage it. I did 200 / 100 / 200 / 100.

I ran for 1:00 following the run 4 / walk 1 pattern. I was maybe a tiny bit slower than last week, which is okay by me. It's like a natural taper.

Road Ride Zone 2

I rode the full IronMan Boulder bike course today! There was an insignificant amout of variation. The battery died on my bike computer so I don't have any stats. But, I can say that it took about 8:23 clock time from start to finish.

After finishing the ride, I changed my clothes and drove home. I had some dinner and then I showered. Then I took Zen out for a walk. I feel good now. I'm so relieved that I was able to do the course and not feel wiped out. My hydration, resting and fueling strategy worked beautifully. I'll be perfectly happy to post an 8:30 clock time for the race.