Thank you, whoever you are

Tonight Eli and I were picking up dinner from Chipotle. I had a gift card in my wallet and I used it to pay for the bill. As it turns out, I ended up with a remaining balance of $0.26. Unsurprisingly, I didn't have any cash in my wallet and I was going to have to pay with a credit card. The person in line in front of me was returning to the counter to pick up his order and he noticed the situation. Without hesitating, he opened his wallet and handed one dollar to the cashier and walked away. He didn't even wait to get his change.

There are kind and generous people in the world.

Happy 2019!

I'm not generally affected by New Year's Eve and the start of a new year. However, last night I found myself feeling emotional as I shut down my computer at the end of the work day and as I headed out to do a workout. I couldn't put my finger on why I was holding back tears. Were they tears of joy or tears of sadness?

Yes, it's been a long time my friend

So, where have I been all this time? What happened to the weekly update?

TL;DR I had to buckle down and strip out everything else. I stopped exercising, blogging, creating videos and pretty much everything else. I focused strictly on billing as many hours as I could on my paying gig and as many hours as I could on the weekend finishing "Mastering Drupal 8 Development."

Yes, YES, YES!!!!! I finished the course on October 29. After that I still had some requests to change some things and fill out some paperwork from the editor.

My life is blessed

Eli wanted to head out to the reservoir this morning to see if the crane was out there. We didn't see it at the end near our house, but Eli said he wanted to walk all the way around. We did see it at the far end. It was a real joy getting to do that early(ish) morning activity with my son. We got to hear so many different bird calls and Zen also loved being out for a walk in the field.

As we got back to my house and walked up the boardwalk in the back yard, I looked at Eli's jungle gym and my garden (as overgrown with weeds as it is) and felt such a feeling of happiness.

Tired, Busy and Grateful

I'm continuing to experience insomnia. So, I've been up since very early this morning. And, I've been extremely productive today. I spent the major part of my day defining and starting to build my personal branding website. I've decided that I need to take a different approach than I've been taking to build up passive income on the Internet. Instead of solely teaching people how to do Drupal I am going to branch out into producing an entire STEM curriculum. I will also be pursuing affiliate marketing opportunities.

Masters Swim

I completed 2100 of the scheduled 2400 workout today.

I was up again at around 1:30AM and just decided to get out of bed around 2:45 AM. It's getting pretty ridiculous how much this is happening. I was feeling tired when it was time to leave, but knew that I wanted to get something done to start my day; I hadn't been very productive to that point.

I feel so good having completed the swim workout and it definitely did give a kick start to my day.

Road Ride Zone 2

I gave Eli a chariot ride to school and picked him up as well. It's nice to be able to get in a workout this way. I'm going to need to fix up the chariot though. It's falling apart.

Masters Swim

If I recall the entire workout today, we did 6X50 drill and swim, 200 IM, 2X50 kick, 300 pull, 2X50 kick, 4X100 IM, 2X50 kick, 5X100 crawl, 2X50 kick, 100 easy. I was pretty beat on the 4th and 5th 100, but still happy to get such a good workout. The workout overall was challenging and enjoyable.

Zone 1 - Zone 2 Run

I decided to do another run this morning. I got out the door by about 6:28 and caught the sun rising as I headed north up Kipling. It was a really beautiful sight. I ran for about one hour in the cool morning air and thoroughly enjoyed it. I could have run for another hour.