good news

Hello, again. It's been awhile hasn't it?

2013 has proved to continue to be a busy year. I guess that's just the way life is going to keep on being for me, though.

Eli is just over 20 months old and doing great. We are working on getting him to use two-word sentences. He has almost 90 words that he knows and is now always picking up new ones.

Lana's practice slowed down a bit over the summer months, but has otherwise been doing very well.

My web development business is doing well and I have been focusing on taking my expertise to the next level.

It took me long enough

It's not that I haven't posted an entry in a while that's the issue for which I have chosen the title. It's the fact that with all the "important" things I have posted about my life in this blog, I have still not posted anything about the fact that I am expecting a child. My wife, Lana, is due to give birth to our son, Elijah on January 18, 2012. So, I am including my first draft of the "prayer" I am planning to read to my son during his naming in February.

To my Son, Elijah

I got the golden(rod) ticket!

I have received the first of two letters that provide me my employee information to be part of the sub pool for Jefferson County. Once I get the second letter, which contains my password, I will be able to sign in and finish the application process. It is encouraging that my paperwork was processed so quickly; we had been told that it could take three weeks or more. It appears that I have been moved to the front of the line.

He shoots ... he scores!

So I would say that I hit one out of the park today on my first real (although partial) day on the job. For those of you who are interested in the technical details: The client needed to be able to put HTML code in the title of a block, which is something that Drupal does not allow. I developed a simple, yet effective and extensible workaround. I haven't taken it to the point of writing an actual module; that would take considerably more time and effort. But, if the client decides that they want to pay me to do so, I am prepared with a plan to create the module.

On the road again?

Well, I got the nod from account manager. I've signed the paper work. I have my first phone conference tomorrow. It's official. I have been given the opportunity to do some Drupal sub-contracting work.

Here's to what I hope are the first steps along the path of a new career. May it be a long and pleasant journey.

Is this the breakthrough?

My phone interview went well enough that I am going in for a second round interview tomorrow afternoon. I would be thrilled to pick up full-time employment. This company has a tremendous backlog of projects, too. So, there would be job security :-) Working on Drupal full-time will accelerate my learning phenomenally. Come on, Universe! Let's start to rock and roll.