Ooops! I messed one up but nailed another.

I neglected to take note that the pool was closing at 2pm today on account of a swim meet. So, I missed my chance to do my workout. While I don't like missing the workout, I don't think it's too problematic since it was just a swim workout and I don't actually start the 30 week program until January. I'm glad that I didn't miss a long bike or a long run.

Anyway, today I needed to migrate a client to a new server. I got right to work at 8 in the morning and worked on it until right around 2 pm. The migration basically went off without a hitch.

So, all-in-all I think I still have to consider this a win. I guess I'll just take the doggie for a walk right now.

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I surrender and am open and ready to receive.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam - May all beings be happy