Show time is almost here!

I skipped the swim workout yesterday because I had started to develop a hoarse throat on Thursday afternoon.

Today I'm supposed to do an easy 15 minutes on the bike and an easy 15 minutes running.

I started collecting my gear this morning. I'll be heading up to Boulder to collect my race packet a little later.

I feel quite confident that the swim should be no issue and I know that I can always walk if I need to on the run. My biggest concern is what the bike leg is going to be like. I think that I will stop at the bike aid stations to pick up an energy bar and fill up my water bottle.

I've just looked at the schedule for today and I see that I'm supposed to check my bike in. I wonder if it makes sense to ride my other bike for a bit or if the purpose of riding the bike was to do a safety check.

Transition opens at 5:00AM tomorrow. I probably should plan to leave the house at 4AM.