I'm not sure what to say

I still had a bit of sore throat throughout the night and decided that I should probably see a doctor. When I woke up with an ear ache that sealed the deal.

I do have an ear infection and have been prescribed antibiotics. The doctor also encouraged me to let my body rest and just walk for exercise. When I reminded her that I had taken three weeks off (prior to resuming the workouts this past week), she said that I should at least consider doing truncated and / or fewer workouts each week for a while.

So, I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to approach things. I think that the three weeks off was a big enough blow to the whole program. But, I am also still keeping my focus on the bigger picture. I'm thinking it's probably not the greatest idea to get into the pool with an ear infection; swimming is probably out for this week. Maybe I will see about doing some short and light workouts and supplement with doing more walking with the doggie.

I guess I'll just have to evaluate what I'm going to do about Boulder 70.3 when I'm closer to the date.